Monday, 22 September 2014

First day of Uni - My experience and some advice

When I was in high school and I thought of Univesity , words like partying, new friends, new experiences came into my mind, and I was really excited about it.

But whe I finally graduated and summer came, that excitement was joined by fear: what if I didn't like my degree? what if I didn't make any friends? and a lot of stupid questions like this came into my mind, now I know how stupid they were.

A lot of people see University as something daunting, and so did I; my first day I was so nervous, you can't even imagine, and when I finally got to my University, there were so many people, at first I stared at them and I stayed alone , but later I started talking to two girls that unfortunately weren't on my degree, later I met a girl named Maria and a girl named Alba that were super nice, and they are on my degree! 

My advice here it's try not to be afraid, everyone is in the same situation as you, everyone wants to meet new people, be open-minded and enjoy every single minute.

Paula x

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