Sunday, 20 October 2013

My first haul post !

I'm addicted to shopping, I love it, and when I got the chance, I buy everything I can... it's that a problem? hahaha well I wanted to post something related to a ''Haul Post'' but I've been really busy lately and FINALLY today I'm going to post my first haul *yaaaaay*

The other day, I went with some friends to the city center and I bought a few things :

My babes
                                                                       H&M hat

H&M necklace ( I couldn't find the link)

                                                                    H&M chelsea boots
Sephora : Rouge Shine nº30
Essence : Natural Beauty nº7
This were my lastest adquisitions! This is my first haul post and I'm not sure how does this blog thing go, so forgive my mistakes , I'll learn soon! 
                                                            Thank you xx

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Friends, amusement park and some Halloween stuff

So my best friend Bea got free tickets for Madrid's amusement park and invited me and some friends.
We went really early because we know that there would be a lot of people and we didn't want to wait hours at the queue. When we finally arrived at the amusement park there were actually THOUSANDS of people, anyways we had a lot of fun.

The photo taken by the park staff when we arrived 

 Halloween it's really close, the park was decorated with the typical Halloween stuff, things like graves, skeletons, pumpkins... and we took a lot of photos with them. 

My friends Erica and Dana 

Bea , Erica , Dana me and Hanna
Also, during the month of Halloween, the amusement park's Haunted House it's more scary than the rest of the year, I didn't come in because I get scared with anything, but some of my friends did and they said that it was terrorific. Anyways I've never came in and I never will hahahah

My friends and me being drama queens

It was a really good day , and we ate and laughted a lot, when I finally got home I was EXHAUSTED , I went straight to bed .

Friday, 4 October 2013

A day in my life

Soooooo I'm new in this whole blog thing so I was thinking about my new post and decided that a ''Day in my life'' post wouldn't be that bad , would it?

And this is how my friday went :
 I usually wake up at 7:30 am hating life, I get dressed and then ... School.

 trousers: pull&bear /  t-shirt : topshop/denim jacket: stradivarius
shoes : converse


I love this t-shirt
 After a looooooong day of school, I went home and had lunch, then I wasted a bit of time in tumbr and the I wen to my friend Cecilia's house to prepare a cake for Hanna's birthday,  we're plannig a surprise party.
The cake we tried to do was a ''Rainbow  Cake'' but we're not professional bakers so...
The ingredients

Cecilia the next biggest chef of our generation 
    When we started to bake, Cecilia's dad was like ''Oh definetely I'm going to help, what would the do without me'' but after 5 min he was doing all the work while Eva (Cecilia's little sister) Bea ( my best friend who came too)  Cecilia and I watching.
Decorating with Bea, Eva and Cecilia

Eventually he left and we decorated the cake and had a really good time.
The ''Rainbow Cake''

 When we finished, Cecilia , Bea and I went to Cecilia's garden and we talked there for an hour and then w returned home.