Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Finally the day has arrived, it's Christmas! Which means getting presents under the Christmas tree and having lunch with the family.

I went to a party yesterday, after having dinner with my family, and when I got home the presents were already under the tree!  I went to sleep because I wanted to open them with my family, and so we did! This is what Father Christmas or ''Papa Noel'' how we call him here in Spain got me :
The presents ( I was too exicted I forgot to take a photo of them wrapped)

Midnight Memories-One Direction

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

The Catcher in the rye by JD Salinger

This super cute Tous box 

With this even cuter necklace inside
Sooo these where all my Christmas presents, now I'm off to my aunt's house for a delicious Christmas meal.
What did you get for Christmas?

Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas tree time !

Hiiii :) so I know I haven't posted anyting in a while, and that's because I've been really busy with exams and school stuff.
And It's Christmas timeee ! yay! So this is a post about this wonderful holidays, about my Christmas tree tradition , just to get a little bit in the ''Christmas spirit'' ;)
Every year since my brother and I were really little, my mum brings the Christmas tree from the basement , along all the Christmas decorations.
We've been using this tree for years, because it's made of plastic, so we don't have to buy it every year and we don't cause any damage on the environment.

The tree 

My Christmas decorations

Almost finished yay

A lot of Christmas cards and socks from when we were little
This is a little bite of the future christmas post that are coming, a bit short , but in the next few weeks you'll be hearing of me ;)
                           Paula xx

Sunday, 10 November 2013

50 facts about me :

Inspired by versacekid, I decided to do a ''50 facts about me'' post, so you can get to know me really well.
Here we go! :
1- My name is Paula
2- I'm 17 years old
3- I was born in the north of Spain but I currently live in Madrid
4- Part of my family lives in Ireland and England
5- I have a really really big family
6- I speak three languages  : Spanish, french and english
7- I LOVE One Direction, they're AMAZING
8- I also love 5sos
9- I have a big crush on Luke Hemmings
10- This is my last high school year 
11- My favourite TV series are : Glee, HIMYM, American Horror Story and The         Big Bang theory and Teen Wolf
12- Christmas it's my favourite time of the year
13- I love reading
14- I'm addicted to shopping
15- I love chocolate
16- Ice-skating it's my favourite sport, I practised it till I was 9
17- I hate HATE cucumber
18- My favourite books are : The cathcher in the rye, The fault in our stars,           Anna Karenina and anything written by Isabel Allende
19- I've been to Italy, France and England
20- I'd love to visit : Berlin, Vienna, Moscow, Prague, Australia, China, USA...
21- Travelling is my passion
22- Ed Sheeran it's perfect and I love him
23- I love Disney, The lion king (1,2) , The Little Mermaid and The Beauty and       The Beast are my fave disney movies
24- I love wolves, penguins... every animal related to the North Pole
25- I prefer cold weather 
26- I have two piercings, one in my belly button and the other one in my ear
27- I'm thinking about getting a ying yang tattoo, but I'm not sure yet
28- I drink alcohol but I would NEVER smoke
29- My favourite food it's pizza
30- I live with my parents and my younger brother, Daniel
31- In Spain, the last year of high school it's horrible, so I have loads of work       and a lot to study
32- I would like to study in England next year
33- I'd like to study Translation or International Relations
34-  tumblr addict this is my tumblr
35-  I love black clothes
36- I'm listening music everytime
37- I'm going to the Catching Fire premier here in Madrid and I'm so excited 
38- When I finish this, I have to study for my literature exam :(((((
39- I went to the EMA'S when they were in Madrid, in 2010
40- I like almost all music styles
41- I have green eyes and dark blonde hair
42- I've never dyied my hair but I'm looking forward to do it
43- Despite of being a spaniard, I HATE spanish music
44- I'd like to learn how to play guitar
45- I hate small dogs
46- At first Im really shy, but then when you know me im really extroverted
47- My favourite colour it's violet
48- Klaroline it's my OTP
49- I love Harry Potter and High School Musical
50- My first concert, was the One Direction concert from the TMH tour in Madrid, and the second one will be the WWA tour next year
So yeah, this is me, hope you like it ! xx

Friday, 1 November 2013

This is Halloween.

Halloween has been sine I was a little girl, one of my favourite celebrations/days of the year, but these year I had an important test and I've been really really bussy , and stressed and I didn't have time to prepare a costume and I tought that I wouln't have been able to celebrate Halloween, so when some friends told me about having an evening-night out I accepted inmediately, but I didn't know what to wear since this morning. 
My friend Hanna and I got dressed as cats, yeah I know but we didnt't have enought timeeeee.
She came to my house to get ready, and we met our friends later at the town center, where we had a great time, we ate a lot and we got the chance to see one of the most beautiful views of Madrid. 

( I forgot my camera at home, so the photos have been taken with my camera phone, sorry ! xx)

Hanna and I as cats
Bea the skeleton


Wonderful Madrid at night

A great street artist at the Metro

Going home : Hanna and me dressed as cats; Cecilia as werewolf ( you can't appreiate it here but it was a really good costume) ; Bea as a skeleton and Paula as Jigsaw.

 Sorry again for the bad quality! Hope your Halloween was as good as mine xx

Sunday, 20 October 2013

My first haul post !

I'm addicted to shopping, I love it, and when I got the chance, I buy everything I can... it's that a problem? hahaha well I wanted to post something related to a ''Haul Post'' but I've been really busy lately and FINALLY today I'm going to post my first haul *yaaaaay*

The other day, I went with some friends to the city center and I bought a few things :

My babes
                                                                       H&M hat

H&M necklace ( I couldn't find the link)

                                                                    H&M chelsea boots
Sephora : Rouge Shine nº30
Essence : Natural Beauty nº7
This were my lastest adquisitions! This is my first haul post and I'm not sure how does this blog thing go, so forgive my mistakes , I'll learn soon! 
                                                            Thank you xx

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Friends, amusement park and some Halloween stuff

So my best friend Bea got free tickets for Madrid's amusement park and invited me and some friends.
We went really early because we know that there would be a lot of people and we didn't want to wait hours at the queue. When we finally arrived at the amusement park there were actually THOUSANDS of people, anyways we had a lot of fun.

The photo taken by the park staff when we arrived 

 Halloween it's really close, the park was decorated with the typical Halloween stuff, things like graves, skeletons, pumpkins... and we took a lot of photos with them. 

My friends Erica and Dana 

Bea , Erica , Dana me and Hanna
Also, during the month of Halloween, the amusement park's Haunted House it's more scary than the rest of the year, I didn't come in because I get scared with anything, but some of my friends did and they said that it was terrorific. Anyways I've never came in and I never will hahahah

My friends and me being drama queens

It was a really good day , and we ate and laughted a lot, when I finally got home I was EXHAUSTED , I went straight to bed .

Friday, 4 October 2013

A day in my life

Soooooo I'm new in this whole blog thing so I was thinking about my new post and decided that a ''Day in my life'' post wouldn't be that bad , would it?

And this is how my friday went :
 I usually wake up at 7:30 am hating life, I get dressed and then ... School.

 trousers: pull&bear /  t-shirt : topshop/denim jacket: stradivarius
shoes : converse


I love this t-shirt
 After a looooooong day of school, I went home and had lunch, then I wasted a bit of time in tumbr and the I wen to my friend Cecilia's house to prepare a cake for Hanna's birthday,  we're plannig a surprise party.
The cake we tried to do was a ''Rainbow  Cake'' but we're not professional bakers so...
The ingredients

Cecilia the next biggest chef of our generation 
    When we started to bake, Cecilia's dad was like ''Oh definetely I'm going to help, what would the do without me'' but after 5 min he was doing all the work while Eva (Cecilia's little sister) Bea ( my best friend who came too)  Cecilia and I watching.
Decorating with Bea, Eva and Cecilia

Eventually he left and we decorated the cake and had a really good time.
The ''Rainbow Cake''

 When we finished, Cecilia , Bea and I went to Cecilia's garden and we talked there for an hour and then w returned home.


Sunday, 15 September 2013

la France ♥

So earlier this year, my french teacher organised an exchange with le lycée Benjamin Franklin in Orléans, a city near Paris, and I decided tat it was a good idea to go and learn a bit more of the french culture.

''Niggas in Paris ''

 In this trip I've made friends that I will never forget, and we still stay in touch , I had such a great time partying and visiting different places, but we were reeeeeally lucky and had the worst weather ( feel the sarcasm) I  remember wearing two coats and it still freezing.


Well, and that was my trip to France , i really enjoyed it and i wish i could come back soon .

Introducing me

So I have been thinking about creating a blog for a while, and finally I've done it! I new and I don't know really well how to do this, but there's a  first time for everything isn't it ?
Hope you guys like to start this with me